World’s First Containerized Multi-Fuel Generators for Temporary or Long-Term Power Solution

X2 Energy offers the containerized dual fuel engine technology. This technological breakthrough allows customers the flexibility to operate the engines using gas or liquid fuel such as diesel, biodiesel, and heavy fuel oil. In so saying, plant operators now have the option of choosing their preferred fuel type to provide uninterrupted power in locations where gas supply is intermittent.

Benefits of Multi-Fuel Generators

M3 Power Generators


Capable of running on gas or liquid energy such as diesel, biodiesel and heavy fuel oil.

M3 Power Generators


Generator units can be scaled up or down to meet power requirements.

M3 Power Generator


Standard 40ft containers easy transportation via sea and land to remote locations.

M3 Power Generator
M3 Power Generator


Offering operators the option of operating on cleaner fuels when available.

M3 Power Generator

High Efficiency

Medium speed dual fuel engine boasts a high efficiency of up to 45% versus conventional high speed engines.

M3 Power Generators


  • Operation Type: Base load continuous operation
  • Fuel Type Gas: Natural Gas -Minimum Methane no. 80
  • Fuel Type Diesel: ISO-F DMA, DMZ, DMB and DMX
  • Gross Output At Generator Terminal: 1,881KW
  • Speed (RPM): 900/1000rpm
  • Fuel Consumption (Diesel): 213g/kWh (ISO Condition)
  • Weight (Ton): 50
  • Width (M): 2.4
  • Length (M): 12
  • Height (M): 3.4