Hybrid Microgrid Power Plants
An Evolution Of The Present
And Future Of Energy Generation

X2 Energy hybrid microgrid solution combines flexible multifuel generators with renewable energy and energy storage solutions. The concept with our proven cloud energy management system represents the future of hybrid power systems. These resulted in the ability to combine fuel flexibility and efficiency with environmental performance as the key to unlocking maximum efficiency and cost savings in future decarbonized grids.   Microgrid   

M3 Power Generators

Reliable Power

Multi-Fuel power generators allows operators to use diesel or sustainable gas fuel to provide continuous base load and ramp up/ramp down power inputs into the grid to provide uninterrupted power. Our generators are also designed for start stop operation which helps to minimize fuel consumption when thermal power generators are not needed.

One Hybrid


The photovoltaic power is an environmentally friendly energy source that does not emit carbon dioxide because it produces electricity using only 100% of solar energy.    

X2 battery energy storage is designed to provide instantaneous power inputs to the grid to stabilize sudden load fluctuations from renewable energy sources.

EMS Solution

EMS Solution

Our creative EMS solution for integrated management includes Real-time Monitoring, Profitability Analysis, Equipment Operation & Maintenance and Statistics and Efficiency Analysis. Suitable to be installed at sites in many remote locations.

About us

The Evolution of the Energy Generation

Definition of X : Sustainable Source of Fuel to Energy

X2 Energy is a spin–off from the parent holding company, Korindo Energy, to develop renewable and sustainable power infrastructure.

X represents flexibility to plant owners and operators on the type of sustainable source of fuel to provide uninterrupted and reliable power. Be it the choice is gas or liquid fuel, or a combination with a renewable source of energy, we have a solution for you.

X2 energy is a leading hybrid/microgrid power solutions provider combining conventional thermal power generation with renewable energy.
The company’s core technology comes from our flexible multi-fuel generators and in combination with renewable power sources to provide a holistic power generation solution for our customers.

In addition, our expertise lies in customizing hybrid power solutions to meet the requirements of the energy operator and delivering a turnkey power solution for microgrids. In congruence, we can optimize multiple generation assets to deliver a highly efficient, reliable, and flexible form of power generation for our customers.