Energy Storage System

Energy Storage System

X2 Energy Storage is a mobile and modular containerized battery that can be deployed to any location and easily scaled up or down to meet your power storage capacity requirements. To procure a sizable energy storage equipment requires heavy up-front capital investment, more so for an evolving technology like battery energy storage. With our rental business model, we can circumvent your long-term funds tie-up along with maximum flexibility when market and energy demand shift. In addition, we take full responsibility for your system design, installation, performance, and maintenance.

Our energy storage solution provides everything you require for an intelligent power storage system. You can depend on us to manage everything, thereby allowing you to concentrate on what matters most.

  • Mobile and ModularOur containerized energy storage can be deployed and on-site setup anywhere you require
  • Easy integrationEasily optimised to a hybrid solution whenever you need it
  • No lengthy financingUpfront power without lengthy financing set up
  • No dead assetsAdd on units or return units when your power demand or your commercial terms has changed due to market conditions
  • Energy Management softwareOur intelligent software will maximise battery performance and engages in real time for fast battery response to ensure grid reliability and power quality. Our team of experts will ensure the system is optimized to support other varying loads from renewable energy sources and can be adapted to the market conditions.
  • Decrease Long-run expenseNo more worries on battery degradation and end of life. We will take care of the asset and battery performance


  • Spinning ReserveThermal power plants create spinning reserve capacity by running extra generators, resulting in higher fuel consumption. Adding battery storage to act as spinning reserve helps to increase the overall efficiency of your plant by not turning on additional generators for short periods of increase power demand.
  • Peak ShavingBattery energy storage can be used to provide additional power capacity during increase energy demands during peak hours.
  • Grid stabilizationGrids cannot easily absorb large variations from renewable generation. Battery storage “smooths” the PV plant and strengthens the grid by providing critical system services to buffer the impact of fluctuating power demand and supply.
  • Uninterrupted PowerUninterrupted power supply provides backup power when utility power fails, either long enough for critical equipment to shut down gracefully so that critical processes are not interrupted, or long enough to keep required loads operational until a generator comes online.

1 MW power / 30 minutes duration


  • BATTERY TYPE: Lithium Ion
  • RATING: 250kW or 500kW or 1000 kW
  • VOLTAGE: 400 / 480
  • ENCLOSURE: 20FT Container
  • LENGTH (M): 6.1
  • WIDTH (M): 2.44
  • HEIGHT (M): 2.6