Data Center Solution

Data Center Solution

Traditional data center (Fig.1) uses power from the grid as the primary source of power and high-speed diesel engines as backup for emergency power. The underutilized investment on diesel engines for back up power is commercially poor. In addition, Data center operators will find it costly to generate power utilizing diesel and environmentally unsustainable.


Data Center Solution

The next generation data center (Fig.2) power solution will see data center operators generating their own source of energy while using the power from the grid as a backup. With our multi-fuel power generators, data center owners can generate uninterrupted power cleanly using gas with diesel as a backup if gas supply is intermittent. The additional capacity can be used to sell electricity back to the grid. In addition, generating power from gas is cost economical and environmentally sustainable. Data center operator can opt to use the waste heat recovery for heating and cooling purposes, further maximizing the plant efficiency. Our multi-fuel generators are well suited and available for short term or permanent power for data centers without the need of a high upfront investment in assets.


The next generation data center


  • Power for the data center is generated from natural gas at competitive cost with low environmental footprint
  • Dual Fuel engine option allows flexibility to run on diesel when gas supply is inconsistent
  • Using heat recovery for data center for cooling will increase total plant efficiency
  • Data center operator gets more flexibility in choosing the site
  • Avoid investing in emergency-only diesel generators - dead assets